Celebrate World School Milk Day!



The Food and Agriculture Organization created a day to promote the importance of drinking milk…The goal is to organize a day focused on school milk programs. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 28th! World School Milk Day is globally recognized in countries throughout the world, Fuel up to Play 60 can help schools acknowledge and celebrate the date by offering fun-filled and easy-to-do ideas!

Farm to School: Have your students learn about how milk gets in their cafeteria and homes.

Drink Milk and Recycle: Teach your students about the benefits of milk and recycling, this fun activity will focus on the 9 key nutrients milk!

Milk Mustache Booth: Students get the chance to actively promote milk throughout the campus by wearing their celebrity milk mustaches.

Build Your Own Shake-Up: Add a “Build-Your-Own Shake Up Bar” in your school cafeteria, encouraging students at your school to try new smoothie combinations. Encourage students to drink nutrient-rich low-fat or fat-free dairy and fruit smoothies – and to improve their healthy eating habits every day.

Encourage your students to take this 10 question on-line quiz Bone Up on Milk to test their knowledge about milk and milk products. Adult scan take this very quick and easy Calcium Quiz to see if you are getting enough calcium from foods you eat. For those needing to boost calcium intake, easy suggestions for increasing calcium are offered.

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