Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, Help Fight Obesity with Fuel Up to Play 60: You’ll Love Yoga Play


CHANGE is the perfect recipe to fight the obesity epidemic through a combination of education, demonstration, and application. There are many ways to advocate healthy eating and lifestyles, while making it a fun and pleasurable experience! Take for example what one of the Dairy Council of California’s Territory Manager’s, Candice Sainz-Lau, did at Norco Intermediate in the Corona – Norco District.

Candice initiated the You’ll Love Yoga Play by contacting Corona’s local Yoga Den-Yoga Studio for donations or free services. They partnered together in efforts to give back to the community. Denise, the owner of the yoga studio offered a one free class coupon, which Candice passed out to Norco Intermediate students at a  Fuel Up to Play 60 event.

 At Norco Intermediate, a new class of 7th grade students had the opportunity to learn about healthy eating and fun ways to be more physically active.  Candice along with Alex Lopez, from the Dairy Council of California, hosted a Fuel Up to Play 60 table filled with engaging activities like taste-testing  of blue-berry yogurt parfaits with organic pumpkin granola. Students also spun a prize wheel to see what type of physical activity they would demonstrate or nutrition related question they would answer.  All 7th grade students that participated in these fun activities were given Fuel Up to Play 60 pencils and recipe cards.

Parents were provided with healthy eating tips from Dairy Council of California’s Making Meals Matter for Your School Aged Child: A Guide for Busy Parents and fun recipes for family meals.

This event was a success! All incoming 7th graders and their parents learned valuable information about healthy lifestyle choices. Even the Yoga Den owner said “many parents came in the studio with the coupon they saved from this Fuel Up to Play 60 event!”

Try contacting your own local yoga instuctor t see if you can develop a partnership with studios in your community. It is guaranteed to be a win-win effort for everyone!

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