Make Your Students Fuel Up to Play 60 Celebrities!

For many years, the “Got Milk” ads have used famous people on their advertisements to promote milk and the health benefits of consuming the daily recommended servings of this food group.  The Milk Mustache Booth Play from the Fuel Up to Play 60 program has given students the opportunity to show their peers how much they enjoy drinking low-fat and non-fat milk just like some of their favorite celebrities.

For  National Dairy Month, Horton Elementary in the San Diego Unified School District decided to make their students milk mustache celebrities. The activity highlights the benefits of low-fat and fat-free dairy foods in students’ diets and allows students sample dairy foods!

The event was a huge success! According to Friday Notes, “Ten lucky students from each class had their photos taken in the Milk Mustache Photo Booth following the recent Dairy Council of California presentation to students. The presentation taught students about the nine key nutrients in milk and how to add an extra serving of milk or dairy into their daily diet.”

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