Part 2: Future Chefs Cook-Off at McKinley Institute of Technology (MIT)

Three months ago, the School Detectives blog was posted. It summarized how students in Redwood City took the initiative to assess their school’s health environment to determine what positive changes could be made with Dairy Council of California’s Territory Manager and local Fuel Up to Play 60 advisor, Valerie Fung-a-Ling. The students were  so engaged that they took their efforts one step further. After completing the School Wellness Investigation they encouraged and promoted healthy eating habits and how develop and further expand  student cooking skills.

This initiative began with a school-wide “Healthy Breakfast” recipe contest.   The top eight recipes were picked by the student-led Fuel Up to Play 60 team; Mrs. Darrow, Program Advisor, Anna Lague, the Child Nutrition Service Director and her cafeteria staff. The judges considered six criteria that included originality, simple presentation, healthy attributes, plate presentation, and best use of one or more of the following ingredients: fruits, whole grains, eggs, low fat milk, yogurt, or low fat cheese.  Students video-taped the event and submitted their work through SchoolTube in order to participate in the Fuel Up to Play 60 Cooking Show Challenge.


As a result of their successes, McKinley Institution of Technology was awarded the Fuel Up to Play 60 grant. Mrs. Darrow is looking forward to using the funds to start up a food lab to conduct cooking classes for her students.



Special Congratulations to the winning student!

the winner won an autographed football for her winning recipe in a cooking contest at MIT on December 15, 2011  Looking very professional in white chef hats and coats, eight students demonstrated their culinary skills in a final competition by cooking up their favorite breakfast recipe.  The winning student will move on to the Sodexo Regional Future Chef competition.  Best of luck to her and her competitors!

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