School Detectives

School Wellness Investigation Description: The School Wellness Investigation is a needs assessment tool that will help you and your school team members collect information about your school’s current nutrition and physical activity environment – and identify opportunities to make it even better.

Students from McKinley Institute of Technology (MIT) Middle School, in Redwood City, decided to be school detectives and conduct a health investigation at their school with the help of their Language Arts/History Teacher, Estelle Darrow, and Dairy Council of California’s Territory Manager, Valerie Fung-a-Ling.

Goal:  To submit findings and contribute to their school’s health environment by finding out what aspects can be improved.

The Committee: A meeting was set up with the Food Committee and their Fuel Up to Play 60 Program Advisor, Estelle Darrow.  The goal of the meeting was to form a Fuel Up To Play 60 Committee and facilitate the completion of the school Wellness Investigation at MIT.  The purpose of the Wellness Investigation was explained and the expectations to complete the task were outlined for the students.  Valerie then asked the group for volunteers to form a sub-committee to conduct the Wellness Investigation.  15 enthusiastic students volunteered for the job.

Students in Action: Estelle and Valerie met with the 15 students the following week.  The students were divided into three work groups according to the three areas of the WI – Nutrition, Family/Community and Physical Education.  Each group received a copy of their specific area, which outlined the details of their task.  A leader volunteered from each group to report back the results.  The students conducted a needs assessment for each area of the wellness investigation; they discussed the questions and answered only those they knew were 100% correct.  The Program Advisor, Estelle, and Territory Manager, Valerie, guided the students on how to collect the information they needed to complete the unanswered questions. For example, they helped set up a meeting with the principal, talk to the P.E. instructor, survey the students, etc.  

What is Next: The Program Advisor will compile the data and complete the report.  The report will be shared with the entire committee and submitted on-line at the FUTP 60 Website.

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