Tis’ the Season

December brings warm holiday feelings and music and best of all family. December for many also means the season for giving! Every year during the month of December people want to give to the less fortunate; they donate food and toys to families and children in need. However, health is one of our biggest needs for without it we cannot enjoy even the simplest of things. This year try giving the gift of health to your school community. With Fuel Up to Play 60 and the gift of time you can help students prioritize healthy eating and physical activity, while contributing to their long-term well being and encourage parents, teachers, and staff to get involved with Fuel Up to Play 60 to create a healthier school environment.  After all, a healthier school benefits everyone!

Here are some great fun family ideas you can help coordinate:

Family Fitness Challenge : Challenge students to see how many family fitness activities they can participate in with a family member or caretaker throughout the school year (or a shorter timeframe). Send home ideas through the parent newsletter or in a separate flyer, and put up classroom or school-wide bulletin boards where students can record their participation. Make physical activity a family focus throughout the year!

Culture Dance Club: Start an after-school dance club to teach students different dances representative of your school community’s cultures—or new ones. Help students and teachers learn about the varied dances of the world while they’re also getting in some great physical activity! You can teach the classes yourself or have a dance studio donate a lesson or two.

Family, Food and Fitness Day: Host a family day to highlight the importance of healthy eating and physical activity. Through fun physical activities and healthy eating opportunities, help families learn how they can eat and play together in a healthy way.

Fuel Up to Play 60 Cooking Show Challenge: Help students host and submit their own cooking show by January 2, 2012! Students get the chance to demonstrate a Healthy Eating Play from the Playbook to show how their friends are eating healthy with Fuel Up to Play 60. You can even get your whole school involved!

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